The definition.

ANY customer of Awareness Avenue who experiences any issues or has a negative experience with our products can require and is eligible for a complete full 180-Day Replacement Guarantee. The guarantee is up for 180 days after you receive your order(s).

Your experience is everything to us.

Dear customer,

Here at Awareness Avenue the experience we provide you, your friends and your family means everything to us. We quite literally could not be here without you and being able to make a positive difference not only in the personal lives of our customers but the world using our donation programs is an honour of magnitude that we could hardly express in simple writing.

In order to ensure we always do everything in our capability to make sure your experience ultimately is perfect, we have created this 180 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee policy. We also refer to this policy as our 180 Day Replacement Guarantee.

The purpose of this policy & our goal.

Our purpose and intention here is simple: We want you to be happy. If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your initial purchase when you receive your order, that is the precise reason for why this policy exists.

Since you already placed an order with us our goal is to ultimately get you an experience you are happy with. Therefore we will always attempt the following procedure initially so we can ultimately provide you with an experience you are happy with:

  • If you didn’t like the product or it is not as expected, we’d recommend a different item more along the lines of your expectations and ship it to you completely free of charge. We will not even ask you to return the initial item that you weren’t so happy with. You will of course be able to select the new item yourself. If you select a cheaper item than the first one you ordered, we will refund the difference. If you select a more expensive item, we will not charge any extra as long as the increased price range is up to a maximum of $10 USD.

  • If the product is broken or somehow damaged upon arrival we deeply apologise and will re-ship the item to you with express shipping.

  • In the very rare instance where a parcel is lost during transit we will of course either replace the item with express shipping or refund the full amount to you - whichever solution you prefer.

  • If you need to cancel your order, please do so within 24 hours via If you do not cancel it within 24 hours we cannot consider it cancelled as most orders are shipped out within 24 hours.

The above are just 4 examples of scenarios. We want to make it clear that in any scenario, where you are not happy with one or more items, we will do everything in our power to ultimately make you happy. We will always attempt to find a resolution that does not include a return for a full refund as we like to believe you placed an order for a reason and we want to do our best to prove to you that we are deserving of your business.

What if I simply want a refund?

In that case we will not hold it against you. We are committed only to your happiness. If you are not happy with your experience we will offer you the following 3 resolutions.

  1. A partial refund of your order, but you get to keep the item and we will not ask for a return.

  2. A full refund of your order, but we will ask you to return the item and cover the postage fees. Once the item is received, we will process the full refund immediately.

  3. Please remember the option to choose an entirely different item from our store or have one recommended to you and we will ship you that item completely free of charge without asking you to return the first item.

We hope this description of our resolution process ultimately gives you the confidence that we would always attempt to put you first and make you happy with your experience. This is our ultimate goal and it is why we do what we do.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. We’re just one email away at