Personalized Name Dog Bone Charm Bracelet

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We all know how incredibly amazing dogs are for our mental health. They improve our thoughts, provide comfort and bring positive changes to us daily. Perhaps you have an emotional support dog that supports your journey through your chronic illnesses.

Maybe you have the pleasure of having a therapy dog that helps others with their mental health in hospitals and in elderly homes. Possibly you could be a service dog handler, having a service dog that migiates your disabilities and is your lifeline. Like all dog owners maybe you just have an incredible dog that is neither of the above but has impacted your life in such a significant way.

There are so many ways that this beautiful piece of jewelry can signify your powerful bond with your dogs whatever jobs or roles they have. Maybe you have had multiple dogs and would like have all their names engraved on individual bones one a single necklace or bracelet?

Remembering your retired service dog and your service dog that is working for you presently would be such a memorable way to honour both past and present. No matter how you look at this necklace and bracelet, it is the perfect way to reminiscence the healing these canines have done in our lives. We all know that these dogs leave pawprints on our hearts.

Every sale helps the greater good. With every sale of our ring we donate a % of the proceeds to our main non-profit organization; NAMI.

NAMI is one of the worlds leading mental health grassroot organization movements. They are dedicated to improve the lives of people who deal with mental health illnesses on a daily basis. They rely on our collected gifts and contributions to their important work.

NAMI educates hundreds of thousands of families on mental health to make sure that all of these people get the help, support and information they need.

NAMI has national influence on the public policy of mental health illness in the US. They use their proceeds to make it possible to give volunteer leaders the skills and tools they need to save mental health across the globe.

NAMI successfully fight the stigma around mental health illnesses and deeply encourages understanding and acceptance. They also work with reporters everyday to make sure society understands how important mental health is.

Each and everyone of our customers go a long way to help the battle against mental health issues globally and as such we have become a powerful family with a voice and a word to say.

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  • Donations to NAMI every month
  • High grade certified sterling silver rings
  • Certified sterling silver factory production
  • Industrial machinery engraving process
  • Water resistant filling and coating
  • Allergy friendly - no discoloring or fading

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