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Below here is a detailed description of how our Online Store came to life, what the purpose behind it is & for what reasons we selected the products we have. We hope you love what you read and would appreciate any feedback you might have.

How it Started:

Our brand & our vision is a very special one.

In the past few years we have been inspired time & again by the Semicolon trend, the tattoos and all that it stands for.

It has reminded us that very few things in life TRULY matter. We believe those things are Abundant Love, Kindness, Family, Friends & Support. Those are the 5 main things that led us to the creation of this store and the family we have built over the course of the past few years.

We have designed some truly unique items that we're displaying here in our store. None of our items are regular and they all have a purpose reflected by our 5 key elements from above.

Love - we have a lot of beautiful & meaningful products that can express love in many ways for those that are important to you. Browse our products to find the one that suits your expressions the best.

Kindness - many of our products were made to be simple kind gestures. Kind gestures for the people you love or for the world around you. We believe some of our products can make a difference, even to complete strangers you just met by showing an act of selfless kindness.

Family - featured on our store are many products aimed to express your love or thankfulness directly to a family member.

Friends - Sometimes we forget to tell our closest friends how truly important they are. We have selected some unique items you can give as gifts to your best friends, to show them how you appreciate them and what they do to better your life.

Support - This is the category we're most renowned for. It all started with our special ring. Designed from inspiration of the Semicolon Movement and what it stands for. It has one single beautiful purpose. To show the world around you, that you care and that sufferers of mental health issues matter. It was originally designed to raise awareness in a world where the idea of 'self' has become lost among many a young soul.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to make it possible for you, our dear customer & follower, to give a special gift to yourself or a person you love that expresses your deepest emotions in a beautiful and deeply meaningful way.

We have chosen & designed products that have the purpose of making a real difference to family, friends, loved ones & even complete strangers.

The original idea was to create a range of products & build up a family around them so that one day, someone might see you wear a particular item in public and they would know what it meant. They might compliment you on it or they might remain silent, but secretly YOU would have made a difference.


Why you should get yours today & help us raise awareness?

We'd love to answer that question. Imagine someone suffering from social anxiety; they are afraid to leave their homes, social gatherings can be a nightmare, panic attacks my happen in full publicity. It can be humiliating and devastating all at the same time. Why? Because no one who isn't suffering from the same condition understands what it's like. This leaves the sufferer with an empty feeling of being alone all while they struggle on with their illness. We must help stop this.

When you suffer from something like this it is hard to put into words and describe in a way that can make you feel understood. Now imagine the difference it would make to this same person, if they saw someone out there wearing this ring. This individual wearing the ring not only understands, but they want to show you they understand. They want the world to know that we should all stand up, stop the stigma and be aware of the people around us. Show love and care especially to those who need it so much. Even if they haven't experienced the conditions themselves. They want people who suffer to know that they are there for them, that they are valued and understood.

This is the power of our message. This is why we need your help. If you suffer from a condition such as social anxiety, depression or any other we want YOU to know that WE are here for YOU. The more rings we can get out there, the more lives we can change and the more influence we all have

Such is our story, such is our passion. We hope you loved what we had to say. If you wish to share your feedback please do not hesitate to contact us.

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We truly appreciate you taking the time to read this. Thank you!

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