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Donations to NAMI

Dear Customer

In the following we will explain a little about our current donation set up. To give you some background insight we will start with a small introduction.

Awareness Avenue was created in the late 2016 with one beautiful purpose. To build a community around people who deal with mental health issues and people who have overcome it. This was to serve as a place where people could connect so no one would have to feel alone ever again.

We had a fairly slow start and more expenses than we could deal with. Luckily over the course of a few years we built our community up and united it with our jewelry and purpose. We're very grateful because without all of you we could not have achieved what we have. So thank you dearly.

Because of this increase in our finances it is there my great pleasure to annouce that as of 2019 we will donate 5% of all profits on our jewelry to NAMI. You can read more at NAMI.com

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope to serve you soon!