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Our Jewelry Materials

Four essential cornerstones of our material decisions

  • Strength

    Depending on the style of jewellery we’re designing, a certain degree of strength is required. We mostly use surgical steel for the band if we’re designing an open banded one-size-fits-all ring style.This is simply because finer metals such as 925 silver, gold, or white gold are relatively flexible and therefore have a higher likelihood of breaking when making adjustments.

    However, where strength is less of an issue, such as closed ring bands and original sizing, we use finer metals and, in many instances, pure certified 925 sterling silver. This material is strong enough to last a lifetime in closed-loop designs.

  • Complexity

    Suppose the piece of jewellery is complex in its structure or has many shapes and variables. In that case, we’ll select 925 sterling silver because it’s easier to work with for complex structures due to its malleability.

  • Gemstones

    Many of our jewellery pieces are designed using only the best AAA high-quality cubic zirconia gemstones. We always ensure the gem settings are firmly fixed in closed loops to secure the stones in place. This guarantees a beautiful display and durability that lasts a lifetime.

  • Shine

    One of the cornerstones of any jewellery design is the shine. To truly enjoy the jewellery we offer, we strive to make sure you receive the most sparkling results every time.

    When the shine fades on jewellery and cannot be easily restored, it is probably because the materials were of poor quality, such as impure steel and alloys. Even some uncertified 925 sterling silver will quickly wither and fade.

    This is why we are 100% committed to always using certified pure materials for our designs. Our 925 sterling silver will be delivered to you with a certificate card confirming the authenticity of our materials. If necessary, the shine of our jewellery can be easily restored anytime, as shown in our “How to Restore Your Awareness Avenue Jewellery” page.


We take great care ensuring we use the optimal combinations of pure and authentic metals providing you with an experience you can depend on.

Rest assured, knowing how much we care that the jewellery you receive from Awareness Avenue is strong, beautifully designed and shining brightly.


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